Dairy Industries Expo preview: the issue of water

Image: Daniel Kux, Pexels

Water is a key element for dairy manufacturing, from cow to table. With the bulk of liquid milk made up of water, getting it clean and right is vital for operations. Two of our Dairy Industries Expo 2023 exhibitors deal with the issue of clean water and operations directly. One is Water Technology Ltd, which was formed in 1976 by Bernard and Margaret Creedon. Since 1968, Dr Bernard Creedon had amassed experience in the field of industrial water treatment.

In 1975, Brendan Cronin and Micheal O’Grada founded a detergents and process aids business trading independently. In 1985, both businesses entered into a collaboration agreement, combining to trade jointly under the Water Technology Ltd brand. The synergistic benefits of the combined expertise(s) and operational cost-efficiency, has allowed it to develop and continue to grow exponentially ever since then. This vast experience, in conjunction with dynamic, forward thinking teams, has remained the driving force behind its success to date. As such, it is proud to be the first choice for some of the World’s leading dairy, food and beverage, industrial and pharmaceutical companies, who entrust the firm to deliver on their quality, efficiency and sustainability needs.

In addition, it operate a detergents business in the US, trading as Scientific Chemical Solutions Inc.

Meanwhile, International Water Solutions provides water treatment for the dairy industry, as a British manufacturer providing solutions globally through its network of partners and distributors worldwide. This enables it to recognise the demands faced by industries today, which can be challenging. Therefore, it is imperative that IWS delivers the latest advances in disinfection technology to its customers.

Its systems include precise dosing systems for bactericides, fungicides, viricides and algaecides. One such product is MI-PRO, a unique formula designed for the terminal disinfection of water lines at down times and turnarounds. Unlike other products MI-PRO is safe to leave in the pipe work for several days and weeks without causing damage to pipework and fittings.

MI-PRO coloured solution gives the operator a visual indication when pipes are fully flushed out. It is especially designed so it can be used with existing site dosing equipment for ease of use or and flushed into holding tanks.

For more information visit wtlireland.com or iwsuk.com.

There’s still time to register for Dairy Industries Expo 2023, which will take place from 4-5 October in Harrogate, UK. The Expo is free to attend, please visit https://www.dairyindustriesexpo.com/ to register your attendance.