Agenda 2023

Dairy Industries Seminar & Interactive Sessions

The Dairy Industries Seminar will feature keynote speakers and experts in dairy processing, packaging and ingredients. The seminar will provide an overview of different sectors, markets and trends as well as technologies and developments in the dairy factory.

The Dairy Industries Interactive Sessions will be short educational sessions on different sectors such as Ingredients, Cheese, Ice Cream, Dairy Beverages etc.

More detailed information will follow soon.

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Day 1 – 4 October 2023:

10:30am – KEYNOTE : Razan Alsous, Founder/Owner, Yorkshire Dama Cheese

11:10am – Alex Carter, IMA Dairy and Food

11:50am – Stephanie Poole, Sealed Air (SEE)

12:30pm – Society of Dairy Technology, Annual General Meeting

13:30pm – KEYNOTE: Stephen Minall, Co-Founder, FD Reviews and Kelly Dowson, FIS Group

14:10pm – ‘Challenges to Shred Plant-Based Cheese Alternatives’ Ali Sedaghat Doost, Food R&D Scientist, FAM Stumabo

14:50pm – Neal Bateman, Urschel

15:30pm – ‘Improve Dairy Processing and Quality Control with X1 In-line pH Measurement’ Holger Schmidt,  Mettler Toledo

Day 2 – 5 October 2023:

10:30am – KEYNOTE: Nick Edwards, President, Society of Dairy Technology

11:10am – ‘Evoguard Process components for Dairies’ Oliver Schlegel, HpE Process/ Evoguard

11:50am – Helen Ashworth, Cuddon Freeze Dry

12:30pm – ‘The benefits of rapid product cooling’ John Kirwin, Penmann & Laurent Guesdon, Clauger

13:10pm – ‘Empowering Efficiency: The Vital Role of Operator-Friendly HMIs’ Lee Sullivan, Au2Mate

13:50pm -Reed Goodwin & Sean MacIntyre,  Kemtile

14:30pm – Anne Bigalke, Qualitru Sampling Systems

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